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Owner / Head Coach

" I guess I'm pretty different to the usual gym owner. Most of them have never experienced what its like to go from athlete to obesity and back again. I understand that 6 week transformation challenges and training without a focus on strength and technique are gimmicks that will only confuse and prolong the problem. A life long commitment to movement (with a high focus on quality), strength and nutrition is the key. My personal experiences mean I have the tools to educate and assist others to make changes for life no matter the goal".


Missy’s health journey began in her late 20s after finding herself 35kgs overweight. Having lost the ability to move freely and experiencing significant pain she was depressed and knew she was in trouble. As a child Missy had trained intensively in the sport of gymnastics and decided it was time to reconnect with movement. The twists and turns in the long and ongoing path Missy has navigated to get out of pain, back to moving without restriction and a large reduction in body fat puts her in good stead to understand the needs of members experiencing all different challenges in life.  ​​

ASCA Level 1, Level 2 State Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach 2015, Level 1 Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach 2015, Level I CrossFit Trainer, Certificate IV in Fitness, Certificate III in Fitness, Level 7 Gymnast, First Aid, CPR, Defibrillation



A very welcoming atmosphere and fun vibe balance the intensity of the training. The coaches are very attentive and accommodating to each partcipant’s unique challenges, and proper technique is continuously addressed across a wide variety of exercises and apparatus. 


The gym offers everything you could need and so much more! The coaches are positive, supportive and full of knowledge and have built an amazing community full of members who make every workout so much fun. Easily the best part of my day!


The gym has provided me with the perfect platform to kick away my fear of weights, and understand the importance of technique. I walk out of the classes now understanding to be strong, fit and healthy is the absolute and upmost priority for me. I learn something new every single class - and I can't ever recall the last time I didn't feel challenged. 

ABN     64 194 428 446